Hitacs represents a new business concept that aims to provide an alternative market to the Official Marks in the supply of components used in manufacturing industries associated with the transformation of flexible materials such as leather, fabrics, vinyl materials, technical fabrics and other synthetic materials. Our natural environment is at the "CUTTING ROOM" of the companies listed above. Hence our motto "Cutting Room Solutions"

Hitacs has a clear vocation to "e-Business" Company.

Our project is built around a technology industry experience and over 20 years, which have made remarkable achievements in the field of process automation computer design and cutting machine (CAD / CAM).


Our philosophy: Professionalism + Competitiveness + Value added = Success.



Our business philosophy is sustained on two distinct axes, but entirely complementary.

Hitacs potential customer can be located in specialized distribution networks in the "industrial supplies" of raw materials, supplies, tools, machinery, software, technical services and others.

These distributors are active and well-integrated companies in the following industries: shoes, clothing, leather goods, furniture, automotive, graphic arts, packaging and other that transform flexible materials.


The second business line is fed directly from "the manufacturers", sectors described above, who want to enjoy our products but they don’t have a local distributor who provides the service.

Our price policy based on quantity discounts, allows a harmonious and profitable partnership with our clients, whatever their profiles and their aspirations.




The business concept that Hitacs suggests is entirely new, given that the marketing of consumables, parts and accessories called "compatible" does not exist in the field of cutting robots driven by CAD / CAM. Currently, manufacturers of these machines have a complete monopoly on such supplies.


Developing this new line of business through a sales network virtual "e-business", supported by active positioning mechanisms, reinforces the vanguard of our company, multiplying its competitiveness compared to traditional structures.


About our industry and technology expertise and the mastery of business structures of the future, we base our business model to offer our clients a quality and price without equivalence in the market today.

"We improve the original products and offer them at factory prices"



  • Industrial Applications (FLEXIBLE MATERIALS)

We Reduce Costs and
Increase Your Cutting Room Performance

Hitacs manufactures blades, spare parts and cutting surfaces of the highest quality

We are experts in the manufacture of cutting tools to offer a cost-effective solution to cutting rooms in different industrial sectors.

Hitacs is a company formed by highly qualified engineers that offers alternative solutions as consumables and spare parts for cutting rooms of the textile industry, graphic arts, leather, technical fabrics, composites and other more specific sectors.

We manufacture knifes, spare parts and cutting underlays for machines: Zünd, Atom, Theseus, Lectra, Gerber, Comelz, Aristo, Bullmer, Esko ...

Our products are manufactured with technological materials and under the most exhaustive quality controls.

Customers benefit from significant savings in their cutting processes.

The quality of our products and our logistic service, has led us to be present in 5 continents, 65 countries and have hundreds of satisfied customers.

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