Are the HITACS blades as good as those sold by the manufacturers of cutting machines?

In fact, our quality standard, in which blades and nozzles are concerned, is superior to that offered by machinery manufacturers. In some cases, we reach a 100% longer life than the "original" blades, improving even the quality of cut and the productivity of the machine. Do not forget that the quality of the blade is fundamental in the overall performance of the cutting machines and in many cases, the original blades are usually of low quality despite its high price.

Why are the prices offered by HITACS much lower?

In the first place, we must not forget that machinery manufacturers do not produce the bladesnozzles or other consumables that the machines consume themselves. These consumables are entrusted to a company like ours. For this reason and due to the very dynamics of the distribution networks used by the manufacturers of cutting tables, it is not unusual for the final customer to have seen the consumables used by passing through 3, 4 or even more hands, before arriving. On the other hand, the huge structural costs borne by the machinery manufacturers, inevitably impact on the price of consumables. With Hitacs, the opposite happens, our customers buy our products first-hand and take advantage of a specialized business model and online sales. In this way, all the added value of our products is focused on the quality of the materials, the manufacturing processes and the services associated with their distribution. On the other hand, being a multi-brand provider, we move business volumes much higher than them, which has a downward impact on raw material and production costs in general.

How does HITACS reach higher quality levels than the original products?

Basically for three reasons. The first has to do with the high investment coefficient that we can attribute to the purchase of raw material. In effect, working with an On-line sales system, we reduce the structural and commercial costs to the maximum, which allows us to offer very competitive prices despite making our tools with first-rate raw materials. The second one has as origin the very superior volumes that we move, being a multi-brand manufacturer, compared to those that move the machinery manufacturers that only produce for their machines. Finally, it has a lot to do, our exclusive dedication to our products. For a machine manufacturer, blades, nozzles and other fungibles are the least of their problems, where they put less resources and time for research, testing and development. In our case, it is the central axis of our business so the vast majority of our resources are focused on the excellence of our consumption tools.

How can I verify that the HITACS blades are really superior?

Actually, the day to day of most of our clients do not facilitate an easy comparative assessment, at least at the level of accurate statistics. The continuous change of models and type of raw material cut can distort the results between the life cycle of one blade and another. Taking into account the importance of the economic and qualitative impact that the consumption of our products can suppose, we usually advise the following analytical method. Taking advantage of an important production of a concrete model cut in the same raw material, the following data could be taken from the blade they are using and then from the HITACS blade:

• Work hours

• Cut pieces

• Cut parameters (speed, acceleration, etc ...)

• Quality of the cut (every 10 working hours a new valuation is made)

Once these data are collected in both blades, the results are collated and a comparative percentage, positive or negative, is drawn, which will determine which of the tools has been more efficient.

Are all the blades compatible with Zünd machines equally compatible with ATOM machines?

In fact, the tools of the ATOM machines offer the same fastening system that Zünd has always proposed. Therefore, all 0.6 mm thick blades that are compatible with one machine, are also compatible with the other. It is simply necessary to take into consideration that ATOM also offers 1mm thick blades, generally used for cutting more resistant materials. In that case, only the geometries of blades that offer a thickness of 1mm would be compatible.

What can HITACS offer me for my automatic cutting machine?

HITACS can offer you consumables, such as blades, nozzles, cutting surfaces, lamps for projectors, mechanical consumables, tools, electronic components, maintenance material. Also a complete spare range compatible with Zünd machines. CAD and CAD software for multiple sectors, projection systems for coupling to your machines and even technical assistance for the most diffuse machine brands in the market.

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